Traveling- Lexington, KY and Louisville


Where we stayed
Origin Hotel (very cool and new, near Keeneland, DOG FRIENDLY!)

This was right near our hotel (Origen) and had cool decor, the food was just ok. Cool area to shop outside downtown Lexington, near Keene

Middle Fork
This was great! We loved the vibe and the location. It is in the heart of Lexington’s historic bourbon distilling district, with cool small distillers and hipster bar spots nearby. Also, Crank and boom Ice Cream is located here!

Spalding’s Bakery:
Cash only, but amazing as ever.

Steel City Pops (amazing gourmet popsicles):

Places we haven’t tried:
Girlsgirlsgirls Burritos
The Pasta Garage
Weekly juicery
Doodles for brunch
The Midway Bakery scones
Holly Hill restaurant
Sav’s African food

A cup of commonwealth - cool but very hipster!
Old school coffee - need to check out!

Quill’s Coffee, Highlands, Louisville
Steel City Pops, Highlands
Shred415 is in Louisville! I got my workout on!!!


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